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maandag 10 augustus 2009

Resultaten 2e kwartaal 2009 van LogMeIn

LogMeIn presenteerde de resultaten voor het tweede kwartaal 2009 - de resultaten voor het eerste kwartaal nadat LogMeIn naar de beurs ging. Uit het bericht...:
“We are pleased to report successful financial results in our first earnings press release as a public company,” commented Michael Simon, President and CEO of LogMeIn, Inc. “Our revenue, operating and net income growth in the second quarter and year to date demonstrate continued effectiveness of our business and customer acquisition model. Despite the current economic environment, we continued our revenue growth and attracted more than 12,000 new, net premium customers in the second quarter, bringing our total premium customer count at the end of the second quarter to more than 200,000.”
Het volledige bericht is hier te vinden: LogMeIn Announces Second Quarter 2009 Results

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