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maandag 21 oktober 2013

Social Media – down & up

‘t Gebeurt niet vaak; Facebook DOWN ofwel via Twitter vertelt iedereen het aan de hele wereld..: “Users can't post, like or comment”. En de hele Twitterwereld staat op z’n kop.
Enkele voorbeelden??
  • Facebook is down. And Productivity across the country is probably up to record levels!
  • The only reason I know Facebook is down is because everyone is tweeting about it.
  • Facebook is down but you know one site that will never go down? That's right kids it's The Bible.
  • It appears the @Facebook #LikeButton is down & FB is being weird in general. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Facebook down. Panic in the streets, people go around with their photos asking "You like?"
  • "Facepocolypse' Monday:  Facebook is down! Millions of people around the world are struggling this Monday.
  • Gaan die boerderijdieren nu dood gaan omdat FB plat ligt?
  • Facebook goes down. UK productivity increases by 27%.
  • Who would have thought the government Obamacare web site would work better than Facebook?
  • Facebook is down?. But how are the people on there going to know about the weather outside?...
  • Facebook's down. The streets are alive with cute cats and virtual strangers telling you how blessed they are to have such wonderful lives.
  • OMG!!! Facebook is down! Now how am I supposed to wish all my friends a 'Happy Monday!' with a picture of my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte?!
  • Dear Diary, entering hour 2 of Facebook down. Desperation is growing. Morale is low. Send help. #facebookdown
  • Facebook Panic! 10 things you can do while its down!  -       Its Monday morning and if you like me you are in a “Facebook” panic!  The social media site wouldn’t allow status updates, comment posts, likes and evening sending messages. NOOOO so, here are 10 things you can do in the meantime!
1. Brew some coffee
2. Do your laundry
3. Water your indoor plants
4. Finish a puzzle
5. Clean your car
6. Write a letter
7. Call your grandparents
8. Turn on the Morning News
9. Tweet about your Facebook panic
10. Get back to your day job 

Tot eindelijk de verlossende tweet verschijnt:
De technische problemen bij #Facebook lijken opgelost. Statusupdates en 'likes' zijn weer mogelijk.
En de storm via Twitter gaat weer liggen…

Gelukkig voor die dame van één van de laatste tweets: “Obviously Facebook is down on my birthday so NO ONE CAN SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE LOVE ME.”

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