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maandag 10 augustus 2015

Odin PERS: Even Apple is now focusing on Curated selling and not marketplaces

As you probably saw, Apple removed their marketplace store.apple,com in favor of in-context selling. The buying experience is now woven into the site as a whole, with purchasing buttons and options for products available on every product page. Instead of browsing for information about a product and then having to make the ‘jump’ over to the store side, customers will now take care of both actions at once.

Odin has been recommending this type of sales approach for years. Our most successful Odin partners are not marketplaces, but those who focus on curated focused sales with up-sells and cross-sells around an anchor sale. While Apple is selling to a completely different audience, this approach is extremely relevant to companies selling products/services combined.
As an expert in this sales approach, would you be interested in chatting with Alex Danyluk from Odin on how non-consumer companies should examine this Apple redesign?  He can cite specific examples for companies.

Let me know if I can set up a meeting.

Jakob Brons  -  Email:  Odin [at] influx-pr.com

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